Telecommunication Cables

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Telecommunication Cables Leader Cable Cables

  • Fully Filled, Unit Twin Cable For Secondary Network (PEUT FF)
  • Polyethylene Insulated, 25 Pair Unit Twin, Moisture Barrier Sheathed Telephone Cable (PEUT)
  • Polyethylene Insulated Moisture Barrier Sheathed, Unit Twin Type, Integral Bearer For Aerial Erection (PEUT IB)
  • Cable Plastic Twin Pair, Triple and Unit Types, Internal Cable
  • Jumper Wire
  • 1 Pair Cable Self Supporting Drop Wire 0.63mm AND 0.9mm
  • 2 Pair Cable Self Supporting Drop Wire 0.63mm
  • Cable Polyethylene Insulated, Unit Twin, Fully Filled, Moisture Barrier Sheathed
  • Cable Polyethylene Unit Twin
  • Cable Polyethylene Twin & Cable Polyethylene Twin – Screened
  • Polyolefin Copper Conductor Telecommunication Cables
  • Supervisory Communication Pilot Cable 250V
  • 5 Pair and 10 Pair, Pilot, 1.5mm2, CU/PE/DSTA/PVC Cable
  • Supervisory Communication Pilot Cable 250V
  • 20 Pair Pilot Cables

Telecommunication cables deliver signals either in analog or digital.

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